Apunts Medicina de l'Esport (English Edition) Apunts Medicina de l'Esport (English Edition)
Apunts Med Esport. 2016;51:141-8 - Vol. 51 Num.192

Update of injuries suffered in classical dance. A literature review

Alba Vidal-Rubio a, Irina da Cuña-Carrera a

a Facultad de Fisioterapia, Universidad de Vigo, Vigo, Pontevedra, España


Baile. Enfermedades musculoesqueléticas. Traumatismos en atletas. Ballet.


The aim of this work is to review the current literature on injuries in ballet dancers and the factors influencing them.

The search was conducted in January 2015 in Medline, Cinahl, Scopus, Sport Discus and PubMed. Articles were included that were published starting from 2010 (included); text in Spanish, French and English; and performed in humans. Reviews, case studies, and different objectives were excluded. A total of 13 valid articles were found in the search, except in Cinahl, which did not yield any results.

The results showed that 8 of the articles were observational, 5 experimental, and 3 were not specified. After analysing the 13 articles, it was concluded that the most common injuries in ballet dancers were in the lower limb, mainly in the ankle, and particularly in soft tissues, with those being the inherent factors that could influence these injuries the most.