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Clinical and imaging aspects of assessment and management of proximal long head biceps femoris injury (free-tendon and miotendinosus junction injuries). A report of two cases

Javier Yanguas, Ricard Pruna, Jordi Puigdellívol, Sandra Mechó


Acute hamstring injury is the most common muscle damage in professional footballers and long head biceps femoris (LHBF) is the most commonly affected muscle with proximal locations being most prevalent with important clinical features such as time of recovery and risk of re-injury. Two clinical reports of proximal LHBF injuries are presented: a typical miotendinosus junction (MTJ) injury and a less common injury affecting the free-tendon of LHBF. MTJ injuries located in hamstrings can be treated conservatively but in professional football players, when the amount of connective tissue involved is great (free-tendon) injuries have to be treated surgically.