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Profiles of mood states, depression, sleep quality, sleepiness, and anxiety of the Paralympic athletics team: A longitudinal study

Dayane Ferreira Rodrigues, Andressa Silva, João Paulo Pereira Rosa, Francieli Silva Ruiz, Amaury Wagner Veríssimo, Ciro Winckler, Edilson Alves da Rocha, Andrew Parsons, Sergio Tufik, Marco Túlio de Mello


Determining the psychobiological profile of a team sport is important for defining the work to be performed in each phase, as well as in preparation for future competitions. The aim of this study was to draw a profile of mood states, depression, sleep quality, sleepiness and anxiety, of a Paralympic athletics team over a seven-month period.

Materials and methods
An assessment was made of 19 athletes from the Brazilian athletics team at the end of season, beginning of season, and pre-competition. The assessments were performed using following questionnaires: profile of mood states, Beck Depression Inventory, Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index, Epworth Sleepiness Scale, and the State-Trait Anxiety Inventory. The results were expressed as the mean and standard deviation, and the significance level was set at p<0 05

Most of the athletes exhibited a median level of trait-state anxiety at the end and at the beginning of the season. There was difference between: pre-competition and the end of season in the vigor domain, which was increased in the pre-competition; pre-competition and the beginning of the season in the total duration of sleep, with an increase in the pre-competition; the beginning and the end of the season, in sleep latency, with a decrease at the beginning of the season.

The period during the sport season can alter psychobiological variables, such as low vigor, daytime sleepiness, with greater sleep latency at the end of the season, and poor sleep quality at the beginning of the season. On the other hand, there is good sleep quality and high vigor in the pre-competition stage, which favors a better sport performance.