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Vol. 56. Issue 209.
(January - March 2021)
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Vol. 56. Issue 209.
(January - March 2021)
Original Article
DOI: 10.1016/j.apunsm.2020.100341
Comparison of cardiorespiratory resistance in different menstrual cycle phases in female futsal players
Joana Naboa, Ana Conceiçãob,c,
Corresponding author
, Jose A. Parracaa,d, Pablo Tomas-Carusa,d, Nuno Batalhaa,d
a Departamento de Desporto e Saúde Escola de Ciências e Tecnologia, Universidade de Évora, Évora, Portugal
b Sport Sciences School of Rio Maior, Rio Maior, Portugal
c Research Centre of Sports, Health and Human Development, CIDESD, STRONG Research Community, Portugal
d Comprehensive Health Research Centre (CHRC), University of Évora, Portugal
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Tables (1)
Table 1. Cardiorespiratory resistance results of futsal players (n=14) in follicular and luteal phases of menstrual cycle using the Balke Maximal test on the treadmill.

This study was aimed to investigated and compare the cardiorespiratory resistance of futsal players during the follicular and luteal phases of the menstrual cycle.

Material and methods

Fourteen female players (age: 24.1±4.1 years; body mass: 59.6±9.1kg; height: 1.64±0.06m; index body mass: 22.1±2.8kg/m2) were submitted to a cardiorespiratory resistance test, that was performed in a calibrated treadmill, where we had as reference for the calculation of VO2max. Each subject also performed two evaluations of the intended test, corresponding to the phases of the menstrual cycle: folicular phase (day 8±3) and luteal phase (day 20±2).


The results of the present research showed that there were significant changes, showing higher values of the cardiorespiratory resistance in luteal phase (VO2max=41.199ml/kg/min) compared to folicular phase of the menstrual cycle (VO2max=39.030ml/kg/min), where p=0.043. There is still a great deal of controversy in the existing literature when considering a relationship of menstrual cycle phases to physical exercise.


The cardiorespiratory resistance of futsal players was increased in luteal phase compared to follicular phase, and management of the training is advisable, namely in type and volume.

Physical exercise
Female hormones
Intermittent sport


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