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Vol. 56. Issue 210.
(April - June 2021)
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Vol. 56. Issue 210.
(April - June 2021)
Original Article
DOI: 10.1016/j.apunsm.2021.100348
Effect of four different hamstring and quadriceps training protocols on explosive strength
Alberto Melián Ortiza,
Corresponding author
, David Varillas Delgadob, Sofía Laguarta Valc
a Physical Therapy Department, FREMAP-Majadahonda Hospital (Madrid, Spain), Faculty of Nursing and Physical Therapy Salus Informorum, Pontifical University of Salamanca, Madrid, Spain
b Francisco de Vitoria University, Faculty of Medicine, Research Unit, Madrid, Spain
c Rey Juan Carlos University (Móstoles, Madrid, Spain), Spain
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Table 1. Demographic data.
Table 2. Values of the 4 tests analyzed before and after muscle training.
Table 3. Mean values for the different variables analyzed for each gender.
Table 4. Comparison of the increases achieved by all study groups with respect to the variables analyzed.
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The main objective of this study was to analyze more effective muscle work on some explosive strength performance variables. The secondary objectives were to determine how gender influences results and influence of the muscle work type on physiological parameters.

Material and method

Randomized controlled trial single-blind clinical trial, allocated by blocks and by sex.

The study sample consisted of 80 healthy and active subjects divided into four muscle work groups: concentric, eccentric, concentric-eccentric and isometric.

4 sets of 12 repetitions, 1-min rest between series, were performed for dynamic workgroups. For the isometric work 6s with 20 rest. 12-min time in 12 consecutive days.


Main Outcomes Measures: sex, age, weight, height, body mass index, blood pressure and heart rate, jumping power, vertical jumping, horizontal jumping and speed 60m.

The concentric-eccentric group achieved the best results without statistically significant differences. The men improved the speed more by 60m. Women improved in jumping power, vertical jumping and horizontal jumping. Results were statistically significant if p<0.05.


The group that performed the dynamic concentric-eccentric muscle work improved the performance variables analyzed further.

Women are equally improved by men and heart rate dropped to the same extent. ID: NCT03973060 (June 1; 2019)

Muscle strength
Muscle contraction
Performance sport


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