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Vol. 57. Issue 216.
(October - December 2022)
Exercise prescription focused on patient
Mariona Violán Fors
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Original articles
Influence of fat percentage on muscle oxygen uptake and metabolic power during repeated-sprint ability of footballers
Aldo A. Vasquez-bonilla, Daniel Rojas-Valverde, Rafael Timon, Guillermo Olcina
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Clinical use of percutaneous needle electrolysis in musculoskeletal injuries: A critical and systematic review of the literature
Daniel Martínez-Silván, Francisco Santomé-Martínez, Angélica María Champón-Chekroun, Jorge Velázquez-Saornil, Sergio Gómez-Merino, Miquel Angel Cos-Morera, Antoni Morral-Fernández, Alfons Mascaró-Vilella, ... Christophe Ramírez-Parenteau
Open access
Reliability and validity of field-based tests for assessing physical fitness in gymnasts
Jorge Salse-Batán, Silvia Varela, Adrián García-Fresneda, Carlos Ayán
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