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Vol. 59. Issue 221.
(January - March 2024)
Original articles
The effect of match congestion on hip adductor squeeze strength in youth rink hockey players
Marcos Quintana-Cepedal, Omar de la Calle, Irene Crespo, María Medina-Sánchez, Miguel del Valle, Hugo Olmedillas
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Acute effects of ipsilateral semitendinosus and gracilis autograft anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction on lower limb muscle activation
Marcelo L. de Oliveira, Lorrane B. Moreira, Leonardo C. Coneglian, Murilo E. Silveira, Marcelo S. da Cruz, Leonardo C. Carvalho, Daniel F.M. Lobato
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Analysis of the competitive demands in 7-a-side football players with cerebral palsy
J.M. Gamonales, V. Hernández-Beltrán, J. Muñoz-Jiménez, N. Mendoza-Láiz, Mário C. Espada, S.J. Ibáñez
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Contextual factors in understanding the jumping performance of young football goalkeepers
Gonzalo Fernández-Jávega, Manuel Moya-Ramón, Iván Peña-González
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Special article
Prospective study of maturation and injury in elite handball academy. Could ‘maturational status’ be a risk factor for injury incidence in different handball team categories?
Mauricio Mónaco, Fernando Sanz Lopez, José A. Gutiérrez Rincón, J.Bruno Montoro Ronsano, Lourdes Ibañez Toda, Gil Rodas
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