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Vol. 56. Issue 212.
(October - December 2021)
Original articles
Prevalence and predisposition to deep vein thrombosis in professional male soccer players
Franchek Drobnic, Jose Manuel Gonzalez de Suso, Antonio Turmo-Garuz, Mindaugas Gudelis, Xavier Valle, Xavier Peirau, Juan Carlos Souto, José Román Escudero, José Manuel Soria
Bone variables and body composition in former artistic swimmers teams. Jump program effects during Covid-19 confinement: A randomized controlled study
Montse Bellver, Ventura Ferrer-Roca, Luis Del Rio, Esther Jovell, Lucas Gomez-Chereguini, Franchek Drobnic, Antoni Trilla
Special article
Apunts Sports Medicine

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